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Is this the perfect watch?

Is this the perfect watch?

Is the Casio Oceanus OCW-T200S (OCW-T200S-1AJF) the perfect watch for photographers or those who travel?


The perfect watch. Does it exist? For some, it is Rolex Explorer II, others a fashion watch that they throw away when the battery dies.

What about a watch that doesn't ask you to do anything other than occasionally put it on a windowsill to catch an atomic radio signal to make sure it is keeping time perfectly?


I admire and cherish craftsmanship: my collection of mechanical watches are all made in Germany by storied brands with long histories or interesting approaches. Their hearts are Swiss but the approach, finish and refinement are Teutonic to the core. Casio is a Japanese company that is one of the giants in watchmaking. They are known for the G-Shocks, a durable and tough watch. Their JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) watches are truly exceptional in design and quality.

(For those who are interested, my mechanical watch collection is made up of Mühle-Glashütte, Stowa, Limes and Sinn watches)


This watch is growing on me. This is way above the type of Casio you see in department and jewelry stores. Seiko has Grand Seiko - Casio has the Oceanus line. Casio is a giant in Japanese watchmaking.

Here I am writing about a watch that some would say is soulless. A solar watch without many moving parts. A watch that can sync with your phone via Bluetooth, if you are out of range the one of the Northern Hemisphere Atomic clocks. A watch that is precise, clinical almost, but still beguiling. It looks much more expensive than it is and it is incredibly comfortable on the wrist. Powered by Casio’s noted tough movement, this watch is built to take it. It is a no-brainer type of watch, wear it in light, occasionally put it in the window at night and forget about it. It does have soul and it is powered by the great furnace in the sky that keeps us all alive.


The Casio Oceanus T200S, to use a cliche, punches above its weight. It is a cleanly designed watch, constructed in Casio’s premium factory and sold only in Japan. (you can get in the US/Canada- links at the bottom) The finishing of the case is beautiful, with a mixture of brushed and polished, the dial is clean, simple and a rich blue. The second hand strikes each indices perfectly centered. The date window sits next to the 3 O'clock position and is rimmed with brushed metal. Sapphire crystal that carries a blue hue along the edges protects the dial. The steel bracelet has two micro-adjustments and it is easy to adjust. This watch is a strap-monster: it looks good on the supplied bracelet, leather, elastic or a NATO strap.


Set-up is easy, especially when you use the Casio app on your smart phone and connect with it via Bluetooth. That one connection gets you going right away and sets up the watch for the correct time zone, month, day and date. Of course, you can also use the manual, go old school and follow the instructions to set the date and time. The Oceanus app is available via Apple App Store or from Google.


What I like about this watch is, for most photographers, or travelers, is, you just don't worry about it. It looks great, wears well, keeps perfect time, isn't flashy enough that someone is going to think it is a Rolex Submariner and wrench it off of your arm, but it is good looking and would fit in well in just about any short of business situation with the exception of tails or a tux.

If you only wanted to own one watch, could this could be it? For me, yes. Not that I am going to give up my German timepieces, but the Oceanus is going to see quite a lot of wrist time, especially when I am traveling for shoots.

It is fairly priced on Amazon or you can order from Japan from Kenta at Japan Online Store. I ordered mine from Japan Online-Store before realizing I could order it via Amazon for a little bit less money. Shipping was free and my watch arrived within a week. It arrived in perfect condition, inside a leather case within a white Oceanus branded box. Expect to pay between $435 to $485 dollars - list price price is $731.




Case diameter: 41.4 mm

Bezel diameter: 40 mm 

Height: 10.7 mm 

Lug-to-lug: 49 mm

Lug width: 20mm 

Weight with bracelet: 133 grams

Case: Stainless steel with hard coating

Movement: Casio Solar Tough Movement

Water Resistance: 100 Meters


Spot on perfect. Plus or minus 15 seconds a month if you don’t sync it to the Atomic Clock or your phone.


Clean, classic and simple.


Seiko has several solar watches. The Astron line is expensive and a world of their own.

Tissot has a solar watch that is Digital/Analog that has received exceptional reviews.


Setting the watch up without a radio sync or Bluetooth connection is a bit challenging.

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